Prepare your business for Coronavirus

We can setup your staff to work from home. Especially staff that are information workers. I recommend getting your staff familiar with Teams. You can use the free version, or many of you may already have Teams if you have an office 365 account.
If you need to have meetings with customers or people outside your company zoom is a great inexpensive (free version available) meeting software.

I continue to see contraints on laptops. It is clear that folks are buying up laptops in preperation for staff working from home. If you need to purchase laptops be prepared for a long wait.

Only as a precaution, I would like to prepare for the possibility that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) sweeps thru Roseburg area. Should this happen it is likely that CoreTech staff will stop doing onsite work until the threat is reduced. During this time we will probably provide phone support only. We can remote into your computer and solve almost any software issue, however if the computer is broken or if we need eyes or hands onsite, we will need to work with your staff to help us.

1.      Start thinking of who you would like to designate as our onsite helper, should we need one.   

2.      Keep a spare computer on the shelf (even an old PC).  (See attached price list)

3.      Keep a spare monitor (See attached price list)

4.      Keep some spare parts and tools around just in case.  I have created a list of items (below) that you can order in less than 5 min.


Tools and items you should have on hand (in order of importance):


USB Flash Drive  (16 GB)


Multibit Screwdriver


WiFi adapter


Long network wire


8 port Switch

or 24 port for larger sites:


Cable Tester and battery


USB hard drive